Experienced VAT Consultants in UAE

Professional VAT services Dubai

CXO Prime is an emerging accounting firm in Dubai & Qatar that provides efficient VAT consultancy services as well. We are a team of excellent and certified public accountants and VAT consultants. You need a professional tax consultant in Dubai to help you with the intricacies of filing tax returns. Since the Value Added Tax was only recently introduced in the UAE, even successful business owners don't understand its complexities. A professional VAT consultancy firm can help you grasp whether your company qualifies for VAT registration and the tax rates that will apply. Tax consultants understand the local tax laws and can assist you in ensuring VAT compliance.

The UAE government transformed the taxation laws in the country to increase revenue. VAT is a part of this transformation, and all businesses must comply with these new laws. Company CEOs and CFOs are not always well-equipped to handle the process. A seasoned tax consultant from our team can provide comprehensive VAT services, and you don't have to worry about anything. We will handle all the paperwork and deal with the tax authorities. Currently, we are located and offering accounting services in Doha and Dubai. Qatar is all set to impose the Value Added Tax following other GCC countries. If you are running your business in any of these two countries, we provide VAT services in Doha and Dubai. Investors who are looking to start a new business can also contact us for business setup in Dubai & Doha.

Significance of Hiring Tax Consultants in UAE

  • The most important point is to identify whether it is mandatory for your company to be VAT registered or not. A tax consultant in Doha and Dubai can determine this by analyzing your books. CXO Prime is also offering accountancy and bookkeeping services that will eventually make it easier for tax planning. Almost all companies registered in the UAE need to register for VAT barring a few exemptions. Our tax professionals will explain if your business is an exemption or not.
  • The next step is to ascertain when to file for a VAT return. All taxable businesses must file a tax return every three months, but this may vary depending on the nature of your business. You can hire our VAT consultants in UAE to help you with this.
  • Dealing with a tax authority can become cumbersome for some business owners. Our expert VAT services Doha and Dubai are experienced in handling bookkeeping and documentation related to tax accounting. They are also well-versed in the tax-law and VAT rules, so they can easily file a VAT return.
  • Since there is no corporate tax or income tax imposed as of now in the UAE, the government has strict policies about Value Added Tax compliance. Your invoices should be filled in correctly. If your company is not tax compliant or has even a single incorrect invoice, you will be fined heavily. We have professionals who understand the tax system and can save you from errors and penalties.

How Can We Help You with Our VAT Services in UAE?

Accounting and Reporting

Efficient record-keeping is the key to ensuring you get the numbers and VAT calculations right. We are one of the most promising public accounting firms in the UAE. A professional tax consultant from our firm will help with invoice preparation and the deduction of VAT accurately.

Business Analysis

We offer a thorough business advisory service to companies in Dubai. We will assist you in determining how VAT may impact your company and what measures should be taken to compensate.

Tax Audits

We can conduct internal tax auditing at your company to ensure everything is done correctly. This helps to avoid any tax issues and penalties later.

VAT Registration

You start the process of officially filing a VAT by first registering your company with the local authorities. Hire our VAT services Dubai & Doha to acquire your VAT registration number.


Filing the VAT involves paperwork like preparing the tax forms. Our VAT consultants have ample experience filling out the forms and submitting them to authorities on time.


What is the maximum non-taxable turnover?

The turnover limit is 375,000 dirhams. This implies that you must register for VAT if the revenue generated surpasses this number - or if you anticipate it to do so within the next month. However, companies with half the income mentioned before can choose to register to claim recovery.

When should I cancel the Company VAT registration?

Whether you are closing your company, or your sales have dropped below the threshold for VAT, you can cancel the registration. It is mandatory in case of a business shutdown; otherwise, you will be severely penalized.

How do I get a VAT TIN for my company?

A VAT TIN is not assigned to a company immediately after its establishment. Each company subject to the VAT conditions must apply to the portal of the FTS for registration. A request is usually approved within a couple of weeks. A unique TIN will be generated and assigned to your business upon approval.